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TONI&GUY London, Westfield Stratford City


Salon Manager

Naz has been in the hairdressing industry for 24 years, joining the TONI&GUY team just 2 years after starting.

TONI&GUY Stratford opened in September 2011, and Naz has been a major role in making the salon blossom to become  well known, not only in Stratford, but making it one of the most popular salons in London.

To add to the most impressive list, Naz is a L’Oreal Colour Specialist, she has  won the L’Oreal Colour Progression award and The Wella  junior of the year. She has worked with many well-known celebrities and  at many high profile events. Her career highlight would have to be washing David Beckhams hair, “something  I’ll never forget.”

For Naz, hairdressing is something she loves and is passionate about. “Its not just a job for me”

As a team we would all describe Naz as a“Optimist, truth seeker and a hard working woman.”





Art Directors

Westfield Stratford City



Andrew has been in the hairdressing industry, and joined TONI&GUY 9 years ago. He joined our Stratford team in 2012 and doesn’t look back once! His career highlight would have to be winning the Creative Head Magazine visionary award twice (2010 and 2012) and was a finalist in 2011. He also was the 2011 IT List “The one to watch” Finalist. And last, but surely not least, he was the BBC young hairdresser of the year semi Finalist. He has worked for many people and big events such as: London Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week. Alesha Dixon, Sophie Andertonandthe Alternative hairshowRoyal Albert Hall.


George is an international creative director and has been in the hairdressing industry for 8 nearly 9 years. He has worked in Stratford TONI&GUY since it opened. George succeeds as a bespoke trainer, teaching the younger junior assistants his key skills to blossom in the hair industry. He has worked for well-known magazines and high fashion industries, such as, International vogue.


Kelsey has worked for TONI&GUY for toniand guy  since 2005. She understands all of the latest fashion trends and is a friendly advisor for her clients. Kelsey attains a good relationship with most of her clients, she understands her clients likes and dislikes, and learns what makes them happy. She is also our Afro Caribbean (Mizani) hair specialist. “I never questioned what career path I was going to take, I just always knew I was going to be a hairstylist. There's nothing more satisfying than having passion for your job!”






Style Directors

1. Daniela

I have been in the hairdressing industry for 15 years and joined Toni&Guy in 2001. I enjoy working with all types of hair. My daily inspiration and motivation comes from observances in my environment. I love working for this company as it brings out a lot of creativity and it makes me happy to see my clients fully satisfied with their hair. The highlights of my career so far include working in Dubai. I have also been involved in many session shoots, short movies and assisting prestigious fashion shows. I’m extremely grateful for the people that have helped make me instil a passion for my job. I speak fluent Italian and Spanish!

2. Jack Fitzpatrick

Jack has been in the hairdressing industry for 9 years, he joined Toni & guy in 2008. He is constantly attending courses at toni & guy London academy for classics, preseason, advance and session editorial, and has recently became an ambassador for Toni&Guy strength in style working with Macmillan cancer support. Jack has been attending Toni & Guy Art team science 2010 at the London academy and has been entered to  group 2 in 2012  were he has been receiving specialist training for presentations, teaching, stage work, cutting, styling and collection work. Also Jack was accepted to Project x fellowship for British hairdressing creative excellence member 2013, were he has had intensive training from industry greats such as Debbie G, Mark Hayes, Harriet evens, Karine Jackson and Zoe Irwin.   He has now started working back stage on the new men's fashion week "men's collection" for Hackett 2013. He was also one of six to get to the very exclusive L'Oreal colour trophy grand finalist for Mizani 2013.

With all of this Jack has still found time to work on his freelance photo shoots with top London agency's, working on editorials science 2009 with Central saint martins, London collage of fashion, ballad of magazine, style the natives, tattler and many more.

3. Vicky Tam

Vicky has been working in the hairdressing industry for an impressing 29 years. She started working at our TONI&GUY nearly 2 months after it had opened in September.  Vicky has a good relationship with all of her clients, most of which are quite regular. We would all describe Vicky as sociable, caring, hardworking and conscientious. One of her career highlights would have to be cutting Kevin Keagan's hair!















Westfield Stratford City

1. Sheree Telford

Sheree has worked for TONI&GUY for 12 years and has got at least 17 years of experience in the hair industry.  Her career highlight would be the moment she became a senior member of the technical team for TONI&GUY. She worked during the Olympics to which she found enjoyable. She has also worked on Ronny O’Sullivans hair. She describes herself as Confident, outspoken, hardworking, sociable and friendly.

2. Pavlos Rafail Kyriakidis

Pavlos has worked for TONI&GUY for 4  years but has been involved for around 7 years. He was with our salon from the start. His career highlight would be being a part of the TONI&GUY art team. Working during the Olympics and meeting a lot of athletes was a memorable time for him. Hairdressing is important to Pavlos because he likes “to create and make beautiful hair”

3. Jo Gotts

Jo has been in the hairdressing industry for 5 years and started off as an assistant. She joined this salon in 2011. Jo is always on hand to offer you the best fashion advice and is more than friendly to all her clients. One of Jo’s career highlights would have to be working during the Olympics. Hairdressing is important to Jo, because she likes to make people feel important and happy.





Westfield Stratford City


1. Justine Brieze

•“Working here has made me more confident and has taught me the skills I need to be an amazing hairdresser, plus everyone I work with are like family. I have had amazing support from each of my team members and help is always available whenever I need it. I had fun Participating in the TONI&GUY Assistants Competition in 2013 and I had good support by my side and it was incredibly enjoyable.”

2. Reza Zibaee

•Reza vardered with Toni&Guy in 2011, and since then has excelled further in his career. He attends art team regularly and always takes the time and effort to understand his clients needs and wants. “Working at Toni&Guy Stratford is an amazing experience. Everyone I work with is like family. I’ve gained the confidence to succeed in my career and I'm extremely happy!”

3. Aimee Evans

Aimee joined us from another internationally renowned salon group where she gained a wealth of experience. Along with an NVQ level 2 and 3, experience of working on shows, presentations and in staff education she had already gained, additional to the cutting and colouring.  “ I’m absolutely amazed how much more knowledge and experience I’ve gain since I joined Toni&Guy !“

Amy’s long-term goal is to become part of our Creative team.

4. Lauren Hammond

Lauren has been with Toni&Guy for 4 years and says she enjoys every moment.

"My hairdressing career started at TONI&GUY where I have completed my NVQ level 1 and 2 in hairdressing. I have completed L’Oreal colour keys course which has given me a more in depth look on hair colour. I am enjoying my time at Westfield Stratford City. I love working with this team. Definitely an enjoyable experience”



Westfield  Stratford City

1. Amirah Ara: “Best decision I have made! I really enjoy working here and with our  lovely team”

2.Ellie Holman: “Working in this salon with this team has given me the best experience and I've gained so much confidence”

3.Alfie Turner: “It’s a lovely environment to work in and everyone is so friendly!”

4. Philip Rothery: “I have never felt so inspired before I started working here”

5. Warda  Abdi: “I enjoy working in the salon and gaining experience and confidence”

6. Ruby: “I have learnt so much from a talented team. Working here part time has affected my life in a positive way!”



Reception Team

Westfield Stratford City

1. Danielle

I have recently started working at Toni&Guy Stratford. I have loved  every minute since. I thoroughly enjoy working with such an amazing team that co- operates well with each other. Also, working for a salon that has achieved a Perfect Salon Status is such an honour and continues to be exciting!

2. Natalie Stewart
Head Receptionist

I have been at TONI&GUY Stratford City for 3 years.  The highlight of my career so far has been becoming head receptionist.

Since starting here at TONI&GUY I have been on a beauty course for threading, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, I also went on a Mizani hair course where had a chance to learn about the full range of Mizani products and relaxers.

I really enjoying working at TONI&GUY it’s a great place to work, as were in Stratford city we got to meet a lot of athletes during the Olympics.

I really love the whole hair industry and I am glad to be a part of it.

3. Abbie Huckfield

I have worked in Toni&Guy Stratford City since it has been opened. I initially started out as an assistant. Meeting new clients and gaining a lot of experience. Since then, I have become a receptionist and a qualified beautician. We offer services for our clients, such as, threading  and tinting eyebrows, eyelashes etc., which helps me to enhance my experience in beauty. I love working here as it has opened many doors for me!




Junior Stylist

I have been working at Toni&Guy Stratford for 3 years. The team I work with have been incredibly encouraging and have helped me along my journey. I have prospered in my career in terms of customer services and personal style, working here has taught me the skills to converse with clients appropriately. I hope to work in this salon and with this team for as long as possible. 


Jiyeon Yang


I have been in the hairdressing industry for 4 years and have worked for Toni&Guy for less than a year. I have worked internationally, so I have a vast range of experience of different clienteles. So far I am enjoying my time here; the team I work with are incredibly co- operative. I speak fluent Korean, Japanese and a little bit of Chinese!



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