Hair terms to know

Colour can be confusing with so many new techniques and looks to choose from. That’s why we’ve created this handy ‘Hair terms to know’…

Tonal drift of colour: is a combination of two techniques, Root Stretching and Ombre, great for growing out your previous colour service

Multi-tonal effect: using a variety of shades from the colour spectrum to create multiple tones in the hair, adding texture

Freehand technique: colour applied by hand or with a colour brush

Service time: the amount of time you can expect your colour to take, from application to shampoo

Hair contouring: illuminates the hairline by using various shades of colour to frame your face shape and features

Natural base colour: your natural hair colour

Base colour: a single global hair colour

Regrowth: the natural base colour you can see since your last colour service

Tint: a permanent global colour service

Glossing: a semi-permanent colour service that adds tone and/or shine only

Lifting (colour): going a couple of shades lighter than your base colour

Darkening (colour): going a couple shades darker than your base colour

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