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Celebraring 15 years of label.m at London Fashion Week with a stand-out designer product collaboration

labelm designer cans

To celebrate 15 Years at London Fashion Week we’ve collaborated with four incredible designers , each invited to create a signature, artistic print for one of our four global best selling label.m limited edition collection.

The exclusive launch with: IA London, Simon Mo, A Jane and DB Berdan, not only celebrates 15 years at London Fashion Week, but highlights the mutual bond between a designer and hairstylist, with an insight to the importance of hair being a key part of the overall trend inspiration

“With 15 years being such an important milestone, there was a need to show just how far our brand has come during that time. So instead of working with just one fashion designer, we chose four very specific creatives, to help bring our global best selling label.m products to life whilst aligning our long established association of creating hair backstage. We are proud of the relationships developed with so many talented people over the years and being able to create something which is visually artistic, collectable and at the same time exclusive, is a fantastic way to honour the journey so far.”

SACHA MASCOLO TARBUCK, Global Creative Director TONI&GUY / label.m

Free designer tote bag with 2 selected label m products


Artwork by IA London

About IA London

Designer Ira Iceberg’s unique methodology supports a brand culture of diversity and inclusivity.
“My process is about a constant input of information that becomes creative ideas which I record in my head.” Her avant-garde brand delivers artistic content expressed through distinctive clothes and accessories

About label.m Volume Mousse

label.m Volume Mousse is an original classic and comes reinterpreted with Ira’s dramatic 15 Shades of Me – a digital face print, depicting creativity and individuality. Not only is our label.m Volume Mousse a must-have at London Fashion week, it’s also the most used backstage as it’s key for giving dramatic and lasting root lift for all hair types.


Artwork by DB Berdad

About DB Berdan

The mother and daughter duo - Begum and Deniz - represent DB BERDAN, As a young and sharp London based, hyper street wear brand, inspired by social rights movements, streets and underground cultures as a form of expression.
“Our scannable QR coded printed garments takes you to a new multimedia world – an escape from the apocalypse to a safer world.”

About label.m Texturising Volume Spray

label.m Texturising Volume Spray is an award-winning multi-styler, formulated to give the texturising versatility of a dry shampoo, with the hold of a hairspray. The cyber-influenced print is a spectacle of boldness – exclusively created for the collaboration and utilises the visual effects of paint dripping/air-spray techniques.


Artwork by A-Jane

About A-Jane

Designer Alice Jane, the name behind A-JANE, uses fashion as a medium to experiment with sound distortion. Her work evokes artistic confidence, passion, attitude with an experimentation of colours, lines, shapes, textures and manipulated proportions.
“Art and innovation come in all forms. As a fashion designer, I work to push the understanding of how art and aesthetic styling intertwine.”

About label.m Shine Mist

label.m Shine Mist gives a healthy looking shine for every style, being applied as a weightless mist with added UV protection. Featuring a striking print - an expression of the amalgamation of structure, distortion, and music atonality, where the perception of single sound elements as noise is itself a form of music.


Artwork by Simon Mo

About Simon Mo

As a quirky eco-warrior inspired by the reconstruction of geometrics and patterns in nature, Simon Mo focuses on the concepts of comfortable cutting style, romantic patterns and lively silhouettes. His work delivers collections which are ethically sourced and sustainable.
“I believe that art will never exist without nature and love finding inspiration from nature and social awareness.”

About label.m Brunette Dry Shampoo

label.m Brunette Dry Shampoo is great for those with darker tones and works to refresh the hair in between shampooing while keeping your hair feeling great. The limited edition print is personalised in an overlay of Simon’s hallmark geometric print that captures the essence of city light sources with a myriad of multiple vertical squares.


Image of tote bag

To celebrate all things London Fashion Week we’ve also collaborated with designer IA London to create a limited-edition tote bag, based on one of Ira’s pieces from her ’15 SHADES OF ME’ collection.

Working with Bags of Ethics™, whose philosophy is ‘You are What You carry’, the bag was commissioned especially for the 15th anniversary where the re-useable bag was made in South India – where 90% of the workforce are women. The cotton is grown from rain-irrigated farms with the actual inks/dyes tested to degrade in a non-toxic way to support cleaner waterways, is also vegan-friendly and its durability means it can be used up to 5,000 times.

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