The Irynvigre collections provide versatile and timeless staples for people who want to appreciate the full story behind the fashion products themselves; for people wanting to wear the philosophy and not just the clothes. The stories told by Irynvigre may differ but one thing never changes – a devotion to the principles of sustainable fashion.

At a time when many companies are looking to move production to low wage countries, Irynvigre champions the tradition of using ateliers from globally renowned couture houses. The label continues to attract the conscious consumer who respects fine craftsmanship, authenticity and moral transparency.

Irynvigre also belongs to the slow fashion movement – the movement of designing, creating and buying garments for quality and longevity. The design of all collections by Irynvigre is minimalistic, functional and timeless, whilst retaining its unmistakeable style drawn from the eclectic ideas.


  • London Fashion Week SS18