Livia Tang


Livia tang is a London based young contemporary brand built to fulfil the curiosity of one’s cultural cravings with understated romance & genuine craftsmanship. Having moved to the UK from Macau in 2008, she graduated from the university for the creative arts, Rochester in 2014. Going onto gain experience at the Simone Rocha and Sarah Baadarni studio, the eponymous label was launched in 2017. For the last collection, an organza skirt readjusts and transforms into a dress; dresses’ hem and seams are slanted awkwardly; having a shirt collar in a halter-neck dress and lace panelled jumpsuit; existing themes of sartorial dressing are pushed forward into garments that are playful and free. The fabrics used are multi-coloured tweed, cotton and linen shirting and cotton blend jacquard. Each piece treasures the intangible feeling of hopes and dreams preserving the candour of youth.