LUEDER is in their second season portraying masculinities through her fashion with a new show during LFW 2021 at the discoveryLab. Throughout the difficulties of the past year LUEDER took the opportunity to reflect on the essence of the brand’s vision and her desire to transform to and act on the values she feels need representation in her practice shaped through the participation in Cambridge University's accelerator programme for sustainable leadership. Equipped with new ways of thinking, LUEDER returns presenting a way of designing through conversation with her models and collaborators.

For Marie Lueder as a creator and artist, working with the customer directly means a completely new research tool. It supports her desire to care for and improve by creating a bespoke garment for an individual’s mindset. Lueder found that remnants of working as a tailor at the Hamburg State Opera informed this need for emotional connection to create a customised piece.

Now that we feel so (dis)connected, struggling to understand the present, it is Lueder’s wish to improve on this through the sensorial experience of wearing and wishing and fictionalising the world of LUEDER. She invites the wearer to the past, the present and a positive outlook of a future through the dream-wake state she has collectively developed. Working with multiple designers and artists to develop interactive experiences to nurture the senses. ‍This inclusive collection allows oneself to desire and create a missed experience. The aura of a retail space where a buyer would physically enter to be activated and thus activate the space as well as the audience visiting the performance. It is further supported by a future talisman, an automated helper to serve the performance of the wearer and buyer and further the concept of mental and physical armour – a driving force in her vision for a future of a sustainable, sensitive and intimate fashion industry.

LUEDER is designed in Marie's studio in London, incorporating fine craftsmanship with tailored finishings.


  • London Fashion Week AW21