Swedish School of Textiles


Fashion Design at the Swedish School of Textiles is understood in its broadest sense, making room for a vast number of different perspectives, and the school itself provides a unique milieu for the creation of change and with it, the place for maturing as a designer and artist. Altogether it is a place for the development of visions: the concrete making of concepts in wearable form

Spanning from theories in abstract wearable forms to concrete suggestions in industrial fashion design the degree works are the unmistakeable, talented reflections by inspired people of action. With their mind set to change, they make a true difference.

A degree show in fashion design is often mistaken for a show of garments and outfits that should be ready for sale in store and to a certain market segment. However, that is not the main idea with a degree work. The purpose of a degree work instead is to present new ideas and possibilities that in turn may be applied and adopted into commercialised ready-to-wear garments for different situations or markets; hence the at times abstract and demonstrative character of the collection shown.


  • London Fashion Week SS15