Xiao Li London Fashion Week SS15

The show

Designer Inspiration
A mixture of city life and holiday resort

Hair Inspiration
Focusing on the structured detail of city life but still adding in an element of holiday resort we created a striking look that was clean and sharp

Get the look

  1. Step 1

    Apply label.m Volume Mousse, blast dry and then smooth the hair using a label.m Grooming Brush

  2. Step 2

    Take a wide profile section from the centre of the forehead to the centre of the nape and gather into a ponytail on each side, securing at the nape area

  3. Step 2

    Spray the middle section with label.m hairspray use a label.m Pintail Comb to smooth the section back

  4. Step 2

    Take the length and place a knot, making sure the ends are out then spray with label.m Hairspray and use label.m Titanium Pro-50 Styling Iron to go over the ends so that the hair is crisp

  5. Step 3

    label.m Professional Haircare must have products: Hairspray and Hold & Gloss Spray

About Xiao Li

  • Xaio Li was born in China and educated in London. She studied BA womenswear at London College of Fashion and MA womenswear knitwear at The Royal College...

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