Barrus London Fashion Week SS17

Friday 16th September 12.30pm

The show

Collection inspiration:
In February, we took inspiration from the ancient art of marbling - a traditional example of the Middle East coming to the West. This season, we are drawing inspiration from marbling again but combined with the art of Gustav Klimt. East has got even closer to the West

Hair inspiration:
The ready to wear collection takes on an effortless and undone look and so it was important not to tong or blow dry the hair, leaving it too stiff or lacking movement

Head of Team
Rachel Bartlett

  • Get the look

    1. Step 1

      Apply label.m Sea Salt Spray to dry hair creating root lift with your fingers and a label.m Tourmaline Hairdryer

    2. Step 2

      Loosely braid 3-strand braids into three sections and apply the heat from the label.m Styling Irons. Release the braids

    3. Step 3

      Section off the mid band of the head shape, and place two twists that sit next to each other at the back of the head

    4. Step 4

      Release the texture throughout the top

    5. Step 5

      Use sectioning clips and apply more label.m Sea Salt Spray and dry with cold air and the label.m Diffuser

    6. Step 6

      Throughout the back of the head, create a visual pattern, use the label.m U-pins to place the hair into the centre

    label.m Professional Haircare Must Haves

    label.m Sea Salt Spray £14.25, label.m Hairspray £12.75

    In the session kit

    label.m Grooming Brush £13.50, label.m Tourmaline Hairdryer £46.95, label.m Magic Diffuser £9.95, label.m Tiitanium Pro-50 Styling Iron £74.99, TONI&GUY Soft Touch Sectioning Clips £10.00

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