TONI&GUY wins at the 2020 Fellowship Awards – ‘An Evening with the Fellowship’

TONI&GUY celebrated a successful 2020 by picking up a number of awards including Group Salon of the Year, Colour Image of the Year and Fellow with Honours.

TONI&GUY celebrated a successful 2020 by picking up a number of awards including Group Salon of the Year, Colour Image of the Year and Fellow with Honours at the annual Fellowship Salon and Image awards.

Sunday 13th December saw the return of the annual Fellowship Salon and Image Awards. Although this year’s ceremony looked a little different, marked as part of the ‘An Evening with the Fellowship’ live online broadcast, it still served as a reminder of the talent, passion and creativity within the Fellowship and provided members with the opportunity to reflect on and celebrate their achievements – something which is more important than ever in 2020!

The first award announced went to International Artistic Director and Head of Education, Cos Sakkas and label.m Ambassador Karoliina Saunders as ‘Fellow with Honours’ given to those who continue to work supporting the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s growth and profile.

Next, International Artistic Technical Director, Francesco Fontana scooped up ‘Colour Image of the Year’ with his look being inspired by the beauty and sense of well-being within nature and the beautiful, flourishing transition from a moth to a butterfly.

TONI&GUY were then crowned Group Salon of the Year, a brand which has long been renowned as an innovator within the hairdressing industry, bridging the gap between high fashion and hairdressing.

Having helped to change the face of the industry, since opening in 1963, the multi-awarded Superbrand is now represented by a total of 625 salons in 45 global markets. For more than 55 years, the TONI&GUY success and philosophy has been rooted firmly in education. “Education, Education Education” was Toni’s Mascolo’s mantra which has been inbuilt to the heart of the brand.

Though a turbulent year, TONI&GUY had some great successes and invested more than ever in its community by supporting partners through the journey of closing down to the re-opening of its salons, while caring for our clients and teams. Their safety became the brand’s top priority and so improvements were made to all 170 UK salons. 1700 stylists learned and implemented our TONI&GUY Gold Standard Hygiene under our new ‘Client Promise’ to welcome clients and back keep all salons secure and 8,000 downloads were made of the new education streaming platform: TONI&GUY Digital Academy.

2020 marked a special milestone as TONI&GUY celebrated its 15th year and 33rd season of being the Official Partner of London Fashion Week alongside label.m as the only Official Haircare Product. This season, the brand lead the partnership under a new digital format, for the first time ever. To celebrate the anniversary, the brand collaborated with four incredible designers – IA London, Simon Mo, A Jane and DB Berdan, who created a signature, artistic print for one of the four global best-selling label.m limited edition ranges.

As a year that has surrounded us with uncertainty and signified the importance of unity and support, TONI&GUY CONNECTED was launched celebrating the connection between who we are, and hair as a tool of authentic self-expression, when we feel restricted in many other areas of our lives. Inspired by the positive mindset concept of Utilitarianism, the campaign embodies three guiding principles delivered by TONI&GUY hairdressers to you, our client: health (how we look after your hair, leaving you feeling and looking good from the inside out), beauty (how we make you feel good, from the right choices we make to personalise each style to suit each individual) and knowledge (the amazing aftercare advice we give you to look after your hair every day; making you look and feel your best).

TONI&GUY’s Global Creative Director, Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck and Chief Executive Officer Nigel Darwin both said, “We are thrilled to have won Group Salon of the Year, it is such an honor and absolute joy to receive this recognition! It’s been a challenging time over the past nine months but what a journey we have had. This award goes to all of our TONI&GUY salons who are all winners and we could not be prouder of all our teams. Thank you to the Fellowship”.