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  • Colchester

    Manager / Art Director

    Toni & Guy was the clear career choice for me as they are renound for their professional training and fashion focused branding and I was lucky enough to join them 11 years ago. Being a naturally shy person at 16 I was a little apprehensive to start a job within the fashion industry but to my surprise I was immediately welcomed in to my lovely family at Toni & Guy Colchester. In time I realised that people can feel intimidated about coming in to a Salon, like I was and that actually, being a relaxed person makes them feel welcomed and comfortable and I love that I am able to do that for them. Im confident in what I do and im happy to be able to help people with their hair so that they can enjoy it. We have a mixture of characters within our team and there is someone to suit every customer. We get so many great comments about the atmosphere in the salon and we really pride ourselves on that as we strive to give every customer an enjoyable experience. I feel incredibly lucky to have such a great team working along side me as they teach me so much and I genuinely find them so inspiring.

    Days Off: Sunday & Monday

    Rob's client Kirstine Lee says " 5 star service. I’d never get my hair cut anywhere else. If you get your hair cut by Rob you’ll be in the best hands. I’ve never been disappointed."

  • Colchester

    Art Director

    I started working for Toni and Guy 14 years ago and I have never looked back. I quickly realised I had a passion for styling and I was lucky enough to win the junior competition for my region which was very exciting. I later entered the finals for the L'Oréal Colour trophy Competition which was a lot of fun to take part in. There are so many paths to take within this company and it tailors a career to suit everyone of its staff members which is why I love it. My path was teaching which is a skill I am so glad to have gained as I have been able to pass my knowledge on to so many talented hair stylists. I enjoy cutting all hair styles but particularly love cutting bobs, curly hair and long men's hair

    Days Off: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    Laurens client Silke Hasler says "Lauren is a gem. Been seeing her for almost 10 years now. I hope she never moves."

  • Colchester

    Art Director

    Since starting at Toni and Guy 17 years ago I have taken part in many areas of hairdressing from training, styling, competitions and so many different courses. I have had the amazing opportunity to work for Toni and Guy in Iceland which I loved, I think that what I like about my job most is that I can go anywhere with Toni and Guy, the world is your oyster and I’m glad to have had that experience. I have settled down now with my two lovely children and Toni & Guy Colchester is a great place to be. I like to think I'm quite a fun person to be around and that I can brighten up everyone's day. I specialise in all aspects of cutting and styling for long and short hair, mens barbering and curly textures. We have great energy at our salon and I'm glad that we can all bounce off each other and create an enjoyable atmosphere for our clients as I think it adds something extra to their experience.

    Days off: Monday , Thursday and every other weekend.

    Natalies client Ann Howell says - "Natalie always listens to want the customer wants and offers suggestions when asked. She is reliable, knowledgeable, professional and a lovely person all round, ten out of ten."

  • Colchester

    Style Director / Staff Trainer

    IM AIMEE! I joined the company in 2009 and immediately knew I had found a place where I could flourish, grow and be supported in any path that I wished to take. I quickly realised that I have a passion for Hair up, Bridal and Occasional hair. My passion for Hair up has taken me everywhere, I have worked on top shows along side our amazing International Artistic Directors at London Fashion Week and in pop up salons at Fashion Week Festival. Bridal hair has even taken me as far as Santorini where I was flown out by my stunning client to do her hair for her special day, it was amazing! When I'm in the salon I love all aspects of hairdressing including cutting, styling and colouring. I also act as the Strength in Style Consultant and take great pride in helping people through their difficult times. I have true love for seeing the smile on a clients face when you reveal their hair to them. I love this brand and all the amazing courses that keep me knowledgeable within this industry.

    Days Off: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    Aimee's client Steve Ballard says - "Great cut and blow dry. Aimee is a very skilful stylist. I’ve booked my next appointment, which is testimony to my satisfaction."

  • Photo of Emma a Stylist at Toni&Guy

    Senior Stylist, Senior Technician and NVQ Assessor

    I have worked for Toni & Guy since 2009. I love the opportunities and different career paths that you get with Toni & Guy. My highlight with the company has to be the high standard of education you receive and the training courses that are offered to you to ensure that you are the best that you can be. I enjoyed attending the Academy in London for Art Team and working on the pop up bar at London Fashion weekend, where you can experience the latest trends. I am very happy and proud to be the NVQ assessor and tutor for the Essex area and feel very passionate about passing on my skills and knowledge to younger hairstylists. I love seeing them gain the experience and confidence from the beginning till the end, where they receive their qualification, it is very rewarding to be a part of. I enjoy all haircutting, colouring and specialise in hair-up and fashion braiding in the salon.

    Days worked: Saturdays and every other Sunday.

    Emma's client Katerina says - "Excellent service, Emma took a lot of time for a complete restyle of my sons hair, and created a modern haircut that takes into account his hair type & his idea"

  • Colchester

    Stylist / Technician

    I have been hairdressing since 2013 and working for Toni and Guy Colchester for over 2 years now. I had heard about the Education available and I wasn't disappointed, I was so inspired that I wanted to be a part of this fantastic company. I have been lucky enough to work at London Fashion Week which is something I had always wanted to do. I spend a lot of time at our London academy attending the Art Team Education group, where I hope to grow and be part of the Artistic Team so that I can travel around the world to work on different shows doing Colour, Cutting and Hair up as I just love it all! I feel so lucky to work with the team at Toni and Guy Colchester as I find them so inspiring, we have so much fun together and I love getting creative and doing what we do best.

    Days off: Tuesday and Friday

    Agnes's client Robyn Butter says-"I love Agnes, she has been getting my hair to the colour I want and its been amazing. I got married last month and had so many compliments about my hair! I'm so impressed every time I visit the salon, I wouldn't want anyone else doing my hair."

  • Danny Colechester


    Growing up I always had a passion for hairdressing. In my eyes there is no better feeling then being the reason that someone feels confident and proud to show off their image that you contributed in creating. Women's hair is their crown that they wear constantly and its my job to make sure they always feel brave and courageous when leaving the house. Throughout school it was common knowledge that Toni & Guy was undoubtedly one of the best in the game when it comes to their level of training and opportunities. Knowing this, I started my journey in 2015 as an assistant at the Colchester Salon. I achieved so many great things throughout my years of being an assistant, such as working at London Fashion Week and winning the London Region of the 2017 assistant competition. I have a real passion for Braiding and Blow Drying, these are things that I very naturally became strong at and have always enjoyed. I'm very proud to work for such a global company that could potentially take you anywhere around the world.

    Days Off: Sunday, Wednesday and Friday

    Danny's client Asana says: "This talented young man did exactly what I had envisioned for my hair. I can’t express enough how happy I am with my results. You only know how damaged your hair is once you get home and wash it yourself after a bleaching session- feels like I never had anything done!"

  • Colchester

    Senior Technician

    I've been working for Toni & GUY since 2006 where I started my journey as a Saturday girl , once I finished school I joined the company full time which is when I passed my Vardering with a Level 4 Certificate. I love working for Toni & Guy as it allows me to push the boundary's and be creative within the hairdressing industry. I love that I get to meet all kinds of clients and I really enjoy talking to them all. I particularly enjoy doing Collection Colours and Colour changes as a dramatic change always makes the clients go wow! While working in the salon I have completed many training courses which is something I love to do.

    Days Off: Monday & Wednesday

    Jade's client Emma Clark says "Jade is lovely and very helpful when advising me on my hair"

  • Colchester

    Senior Technician

    I began my career with Toni and Guy in 2004 as a Saturday Girl. I feel really lucky to have worked here as a junior as I got to gain so many great skills at such a young age. Education is very important to me and its great to work for a company that believes education is key for a successful and happy career. I love that with hairdressing I can entirely change the way someone feels about themselves increasing their self esteem and making them feel fabulous. I enjoy all aspects of Colouring hair with highlights being a particular strength of mine. Thanks to the opportunities given to me I have been able to train our assistants in colour and its been a pleasure. I think its rare to be able to say that you love what you do, the company you work for and the team of people you work with but I really do!

    Days off: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

    India's client Priscilla Lia says " India is great, she always remembers me and gives great recommendation. Balayage hair was a fabulous idea! Love her, always great stable results"

  • Photo of Jamiee

    Stylist & Technician

    I love working for Toni and Guy because the opportunities are endless. I’ve been lucky to work at London Fashion week and have attended so many events through the company so far and I love that this is available to us. Hairdressing is such a sociable job and I enjoy meeting new people everyday. Cutting long hair is my favourite as I love to create softer looks with beautiful blowdrys.

  • Colchester


    I have been working for Toni&Guy since July 2017 and I absolutely love it! I chose Toni&Guy because I believe that they provide the best training to put you on the right path for a future career. I love that Toni&Guy is modern, fashionable and teaches the latest techniques to create perfect Cut and Colours. Hairdressing is so important to me because I love to make people feel good and I believe that good hair can make clients feel happy and confident. My career highlight so far is when I won the junior 1st year blow dry competition for my region. I really enjoy what I do because it matches my bubbly, creative, chatty personality.

  • photo of Mia from Colchester


    Working with hair has always felt natural to me which made it the clear career path for me to take and where better to work than Toni & Guy. I love meeting new people and making them smile by adapting their look and making them feel amazing. In the Salon I enjoy creating curly blowdries and practicing hair up and I love experimenting with colour and new colouring techniques.

  • Finlee - Assistant


    Since starting at Toni and Guy Colchester I have learned so much. I enjoy coming to work everyday as the salon has such a fun atmosphere thanks to the whole team. Most of all I think the training is great, I enjoy both cutting and colouring. I like watching all the amazing fashion shows T&G take part in and I can’t wait until I can take part too. In the Salon I enjoy creating sleek and smooth blowdries.

  • Sadie from Colchester


    I Enjoy transforming a persons look and making them feel special. I love my training and I aspire to be a Colour Technician. In the salon I like working with long hair and creating big bouncy blow dries. Toni & Guy are a great company to work for as they give so many great career pathways to take.

  • Colchester

    Head of Communications and Bookings

    I have been with Toni & Guy since 2009. I specialise in all aspects of Customer Service, I am your first point of call before you start your journey in the Salon. I am Head of Communications and Bookings for the Eastern group and take pride in all things customer service, I strive to make your Toni & guy experience the best it can be.

  • Colchester


    I joined Toni and Guy Colchester in 2014 as Front of House, having worked in different salons before I find Toni and Guy the most inspirational for me and everyday life becomes all things hair. Although I'm at the front of house, I have gained my NVQ in hairdressing and I also specialise in hair extensions. I feel with my experience I can give the best customer service and advise at all times. The opportunities that Toni and Guy offer in Hairdressing and even customer service training are endless. I feel inspired everyday by all our staff members and love being apart of the T&G Colchester Team. I also manage the Social media sites and Salon Spy reviews which are a big part of our world now

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