Meet the team

Learn more about our award-winning experts, their skill set, speciality and educational background.

  • Guildford

    Senior Style Director

    Renowned throughout the UK hairdressing industry as a talented, interested and inspirational hairdresser. Tim has earned his stripes and now sits in the British Hairdressers Hall of Fame and judges the annual competition. Not only has Tim won the BHA’s, he has overseen the Artistic Direction of others that have won and taken the photographs of many that have made it through to the finals. This serious attitude to the art is belied by Tim’s boyish charm and natural mischievousness, so don’t expect to be bored while being beautified.

    Working days – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • Amy

    Technical Director

    Amy has worked within the hairdressing industry for 14 years, striving from Junior to Salon Manager. Through-out her years working with Toni and Guy Amy has fully submerged herself into competitions and staff training with one of her biggest accomplishments being voted Top 10 Hair technicians in the UK. Amy has a wide range of experience; from commercial magazine covers including Hairdressers Journal to a page spread of Vogue magazine! Amy is a Loreal colour specialist taking home one win for Loreal Men’s colour trophy and being a three times finalist for Loreal Women’s colour trophy. After attending Art team for 4 years at the Toni and Guy academy, Amy has gained recognition through the industry working 4 seasons at London Fashion Week and participating in ‘Hair Idol’ and ‘Break through teams’. Much like many of our other talented technicians, Amy enjoys doing Scalp bleaches and is not shy to use bright colours! Amy has always had an enthusiasm for hair ever since she was younger and believed she was Annie from the famous movie due to her luscious red locks.

    Working days – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and every other Saturday

  • Lottiey

    Style Director

    Lottiey is one of our most enthusiastic, talented Style Directors consistently throwing herself into new courses to learn further hairdressing trades. Lottiey has strived within the hairdressing industry for the last 10 years - building a relentless clientele as well as being highly requested by staff members. She started her career in Toni&Guy Camberley and has moved around Europe gaining experience. While in Dublin, Lottiey styled for the Irish Independent paper and was voted for Best Irish Male Stylist. Her experience is further immersed within the commercial industry as she worked on shoot for Vogue, Tatler and Dundrum shopping magazine. For 6 years Lottiey has worked on London Fashion Week creating diverse styles on the runway, she has also participated in Loreal Colour Trophy twice going through for Men’s Image Semi-final and final. Focusing on her in-salon work, Lottiey begun teaching younger generations her knowledge and techniques and has been so for the past 6 years. She not only cuts hair but is also strongly confident is creating beautiful hair up designs for weddings and events. Lottiey has participated in the Art Team demonstrating her talents using both scissors and clippers, she is one of our Label M product experts and attends the latest M sessions to keep her knowledge fresh. Lottiey’s new challenge is soon to be faced as she is currently one of the British Hairdressing Business awards nominees.

    Working days – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

  • Robert

    Senior Style Director

    Robert has worked within the hair dressing industry for 37 years with 32 being for Toni and Guy after training at Sloane Square; he is our Senior Director and is renowned for his precision cutting. Robert was an artistic director at London Academy and worked at head office for Davies Street, Mayfair. For many years Robert was travelling around the globe solely working on demonstration for shows; teaching the Toni and Guy team cutting and styling techniques. Robert thrives off any challenge given to him and approaches it with passion and hard work, keeping his client base happy. Robert was also involved in Fashion Week Manhattan, London and Paris for many years.

    Working days – Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

  • Lindsay

    Technical Director

    Lindsay is our most experienced Technician with 25 years of colouring under her belt. Lindsay’s techniques are second to none proven by her loyal clientele. Lindsay’s abilities have no proven end with a range from classic colouring to out their fashion colours and she is not afraid of anything so whatever you’re looking for, she is the technician for you! Taking the apprentices under her wings, Lindsay teaches 3 times a week spreading her knowledge and expressing her passion for technical work. The younger team look up to Lindsay as her wisdom shines through her in her work. Haircare is another of Lindsay’s strengths as she perfectly advises based on your specific hair type, colour and strength the best products and treatments for you, including the newly introduced Smartbond treatment working from the inside of your hair. Lindsay’s talent doesn’t stop at our salon door as she has competed in Loreal Colour Trophy as well as The British Hairdressing Awards with our Managing Director Tim.

    Working days – Monday, Tuesday and Friday

  • Lisa from Guilford


    Lisa has worked within the hairdressing industry for 23 years and is one of our staff’s favourites for haircuts and blowdry’s. She has a raw talent not just hairdressing but also remembering one liners from 80’s and 90’s films. Lisa thoroughly enjoys cutting shorter hair for ladies and is one of the most looked up to members of staff after demonstrating her talent through-out the years. Before Lisa started her family, she was a staff trainer and taught our apprentices with passion and a pure love for hairdressing; within our salon she is describes as passionate, driven and funny.

    Working days – Thursday, Friday and every other Sunday

  • Tracie

    Technical Director

    Tracie is one of our Technical Managers who flourishes with 21 years of experience and is renowned for her crazy purple hair. She is one of our most senior colour specialists gathering years of knowledge and wisdom. Tracie used to teach our younger apprentices and informs them not only on colouring techniques but also prime Kerastase products to help keep your hair healthy. Over the years Tracie has acquired her colour specialist title as well as specialising in perms and the colourings of wigs and extensions (real hair). She has also participated in Loreal Colour Trophy and was part of the Art team for 2 years. Tracie is a bubbly, confident person who swaps clients’ company for horses in her spare time.

  • Jenny from Guildford

    Style Director

    Jenny is one of our Senior directors with a love for a big glamorous bouncy blowdry’s. Jenny began her hairdressing career 15 years ago with Toni and Guy Guildford; she enjoys cutting both men and women’s hair and has strongly influenced our younger team. Jenny participated in London Fashion Week for 5 years and enjoys a travelling lifestyle. Jenny also specialises in cutting and styling wigs after working closing with the MacMillan charity paying close attention to all the small details and making every client feel confident.

    Working days – Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

  • Stephanie

    Technical Director

    Stephanie has worked within our salon for the past two years with over 15 years’ experience working within the industry. Steph is far from a standard technician as she has proven to become an agony aunt for her clients; reflecting her kind natured characteristics. Steph loves a challenge and isn’t shy of a drastic colour change. She is not only confident in colour change but also shows her diversity through colour classics and Balayage.

    Working days – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

  • Lauren from Guilford

    Senior Technician

    Lauren’s career with Toni and Guy started 11 years ago. Over the years Lauren has fulfilled many aspirations she set at the start of her career and continues to strive demonstrating her capability and raw talent in this industry. Her column is a prime example of how much the clients adore her as they tend to get booked up very fast. Lauren loves experimenting within the technical spectrum and always thrives to put her clients needs first.

    Working days – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • Sarah

    Senior Style Director

    Sarah is a very experienced hairdresser who now has a management role as well as playing an integral part in the training team. She has a fiercely loyal clientele who know to book well in advance in order to avoid disappointment. Sarah loves to create glamorous looks for those special evenings when volume is required.

    Days worked Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

  • Guildford

    Style Director

    Carlie’s calm and confident nature can put even the most nervous at ease. She is a brilliant hairdresser with a loyal following so book well in advance if you wish to avoid disappointment. Her natural patient character lends itself perfectly to her ability in creating a variety of different looks through vision ensuring her day is full of satisfied clients.

    Working days – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

  • Jade

    Senior Technician

    Having helped in managing Cobham, Jade has many years of experience with Toni and Guy as a company and has been back with us in the Guildford salon for the past few years. Jade’s career first started 10 years ago when she qualified as a technician from our London Academy. Jade’s true passion for colour shines through in every piece of work she does, with not only satisfying the clients hair needs but also with the excellent customer service she gives.

    Working days – Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and every other Sunday

  • Hayley

    Senior Stylist

    Having been qualified with Toni and Guy since 2001, Hayley has moved Salons from Horsham to Guildford and has really cemented herself as part of our team. She is very talented in many fields and takes huge pride in being one of the best teachers we have. Hayley trains with the apprentices 3 times a week and puts 100% into anything and everything she does. She rapidly built a strong clientele with people who love not only her personality but also her ever changing her style and colours!

    Working days – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

  • Louise

    Senior Style Director

    Louise has been with Toni and Guy for 11 years and has proven herself to be innovative and creative. Louise has a long thread of experience within the industry ranging from Editorial photoshoots to working backstage at London Fashion Week. Over the years Louise has taken many courses to expand on her talents including a hair up course and teaching the younger apprentices. Louise creates beautiful hair up designs for different occasions whether that be weddings, prom or any other special days/evenings. Louise has an extremely loyal clientele who ensure her columns are booked up and therefore know to book in advance. Louise is friendly, hardworking and always welcoming to new challenges.

    Working days – Monday, every other Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and every other Saturday

  • David from Guilford


    David is our heeled boot loving Senior Technician with years of knowledge and talent up his sleeve. He has worked at Toni and Guy Guildford for 6 years, with over 10 years’ experience. He regularly teaches every week and passes on his excellent product knowledge to ensure our future technicians know the top tricks of the trade. David constantly has the clients’ wellbeing at the top of his priority list from the colour you want being spot on to maintenance and hair care. David is certainly the perfect technician for you if you want something more colourful, Ombre or Balayage; effortlessly ensuring it is seamless and colour perfect.

    Working days – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and every other Sunday

  • Nadia from Guilford


    Nadia has to be one of our most creative Stylists within our Salon. She has a love for hair up bookings and creating exciting diverse hairstyles. Nadia is great at thinking outside the box and has participated in London Fashion Week. She is keen to throw herself into more training courses to learn the future styling patterns and push herself to new strengths. Not afraid of a challenge, she can easily satisfy client’s and also wishes to become a teacher for the apprentices.

    Working days – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and every other Sunday

  • Bet


    Bethany is our newly skilled Technician who loves all things Disney! She has qualified from our London Academy within the last year and has got all the latest tips and tricks on how to make your colour look amazing! Whether it is something subtler you are wanting or something a bit more creative; Bet approaches every hair colouring with enthusiasm and passion. Bet is looking to take part in many competitions including the Loreal Colour Trophy and as has involvement in teaching our younger team.

    Working days – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and every other Sunday

  • Atlanta


    Atlanta is one of our Stylists, she is talented and outgoing with aspirations to challenge herself within the industry. Atlanta loves all varieties of styling including big glamourous blowdry’s if you were looking for some pampering without the cut. She is also qualified for our Nanokeratin straightening treatment and will be teaching the future generations all her knowledge. Her passion for hair is driven by her artistic personality and she brings inspiration and creative thinking to all who she meets. Passionate for all thing success Atlanta wishes to immerse herself within the coming London Fashion Weeks and Toni&Guy courses.

    Working days – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and every other Sunday

  • Claire from Guilford

    Stylist & Technician

    Claire is a multi-talented Technical Director with years of wisdom up her sleeve. Claire works Saturday’s and creates effortless cuts as well as colours using modern techniques. Not a single client of Claire’s is left disappointed as she tends to both their hair and wellbeing needs. Over the years Claire has entered many competitions where she established her abilities.

    Working days – Saturday

  • Leigh

    Senior Technician

    Although only working Saturday’s, over the years Leigh has built up a huge clientele who book well in advance to secure their appointments. Leigh is one of our Technical Directors and never appears fazed by a challenge. Whether it be an all over colour or 5 different highlights she approaches everything with wisdom and hard work. With over 20 years of experience Leigh is a safe bet for a satisfied client.

    Working days - Saturday

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