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  • toniandguyuk-sudbury-jenna

    Franchisee, Stylist & Technician

    Jenna started her career with Toni&Guy in 2004. After finishing her A- Levels, the academic Jenna was destining for a career in Law. But once on that path, she could no longer deny the strong childhood feeling of wanting to be a hairdresser. Jenna then joined the team at Toni&Guy Eastern Group HQ as an assistant. The hard working and determined Jenna achieved the next stage of her career stage by become part of the renowned Toni&Guy Eastern Group Educational Team, taking the coveted position of Staff Educator in the Ipswich Branch.

    “I’m 100% committed to giving my client’s the best experience that Sudbury can offer. As I push the salon and team forward with a strong educational base for progression. Becoming a Franchisee was always my goal. I feel great that I am in control of my career!”

    In 2005 Jenna completed her NVQ Level 2 and in 2006 Jenna achieved her cutting vardering diploma with distinction. Then in 2010 prior to opening Sudbury Jenna’s craving for knowledge, and appetite to learn, lead her to gain her colour vardering diploma, once again exceling with the achievement of distinction. Since Jenna’s success this has now become part of Toni&Guy Eastern Group Managerial Training Manifesto.

    Jenna went on to open Sudbury in 2010 as the franchisee.

  • Sudbury

    Style Director

    Georgia is our Style Director at Toni & Guy Sudbury and has been growing with the salon since opening in 2010. Georgia excels at cutting and the dressing of hair, whether its for a special occasion or simply a beautiful blow dry.

    "I love making people feel the best of themselves and showing them how easy it is to maintain the same results at home "

    Days off Mondays,Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Late night Fridays.

  • Sudbury

    Senior Technician

    Daisy is an enthusiastic colorist and joined the team after finishing school in 2014. Daisy excelled in her first year of her apprenticeship by winning first prize for her Blow dry in the annual Toni & Guy Assistant Competition, London Region and has progressed further and further in all types of education.

    "I love my job and have dreamed of working for Toni & Guy since I walked past this salon for the first time at 12 years old"

    Late night Friday

    Day off is Tuesday.

  • Sudbury

    Senior Stylist

    Lydia is our budding new Stylist in the making with a firm passion for cutting and blow drying hair. Lydia first started hairdressing in college but found that she wanted a more hands on approach to starting her career. Since joining the Team in Sudbury, she is flying through her NVQ level 2 and has a future ambition in working alongside the London Art Team.

    Day off - Fridays

    Late Night Thursday

  • Sudbury


    Chelsea is our newest recruit. She is a bubbly, loud and full of confidence in her new chosen career. She is completing her NVQ Level 2 with a fast pace and looks forward to new challenges. she has a strong future as an exceptional Stylist and feels cutting is her calling.

  • Sudbury


    Megan is our sweet, cheerful Apprentice who joined us in 2016 and can't help but make you smile and feel taken cared of. She has been asking to work with Toni & Guy Sudbury since the age of 9. Then once leaving school she came and fulfilled all our expectations in our recruitment process for a full time Apprenticeship. She is now in the middle of completing her NVQ Level 2 and takes a firm interest in Colouring.

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