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  • toniandguyuk-westfieldsc-naz


    Naz has been in the hairdressing industry since 1989, beginning her journey at in Stiner’s in Brentcross. First trained as a stylist and then retrained as a technician, after working in several Toni & Guy salons across the UK, she swiftly worked her way up to Technical Director.

    Naz became a Franchisee of Toni & Guy Hampstead in 2002. Then opened the Stratford City branch in 2011.

    Naz has been a major role in making the salon blossom to become well known, not only in Stratford, but making it one of the most popular salons in London. She has worked with many well-known celebrities and at many high profile events. Due to the hard work and committed team that Naz put together we gained “PERFECT SALON STATUS 2015 & 2016”

    To add to the impressive list Naz is also a;

    L'Oréal Colour Specialist

    Winner of the L'Oréal Colour Progression Award

    Winner of the Wella junior of the year Competition

    Grand Finalist for the Colour Trophy 2016 (Mizani)

    ‘I am very lucky as my job is my hobby and I have the same passion for the industry as I did on my first Saturday of working in a salon. I am proud to have created a diverse team where creativity has no boundaries’

  • kelsey-stratford

    Art Director

    How long have you been in this industry?

    I have worked for TONI&GUY  since 2005. I joined Stratford in 2011, when we opened.

    What's your favourite thing about this job?

    I enjoy being a friendly advisor for my clients, attaining a good relationship with all of them, Understanding their likes and dislikes, its all very important to me.

    Kelsey is also our Afro Caribbean (Mizani) hair specialist.

    “I never questioned what career path I was going to take, I just always knew I was going to be a hairstylist. There's nothing more satisfying than having passion for your job!”

  • andrew-stratford

    Art Director

    How long have you been in the industry for?

    I joined TONI&GUY in 2004 & became a part of the Stratford team in 2012 and I haven’t looked back once!

    What do you like the most about working in Stratford?

    I joined not too long after it opened, and I have never felt more welcome than I have at this salon. Clients are enthusiastic and adventurous, so it never gets boring. On a plus note, the team are fantastic and we all get on like a giant family!

    Tell us all about your best career highlights so far!

    Some of my career highlights would have to be winning the Creative Head Magazine visionary award twice (2010 and 2012) and being a finalist in 2011. Also being the 2011 IT List “The one to watch” Finalist. I was also the BBC young hairdresser of the year semi Finalist, which was pretty amazing.

    I have worked at many events such as: London Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week and the Alternative hair show Royal Albert Hall.

  • Stratford

    Art Director

    I have been working as a hairdresser for 5 years and 4 years at Toni & Guy.

    My favourite thing about working at the Stratford salon is the range of clientele that the salon conveys. Also, the consistent motivation that I receive from the management and the talented employees is a big reason why I love working at the Stratford branch.

    Three words that people would describe me; Talented, creative and sociable

  • vicky-stratford

    Style Director

    How long have you been a hairdresser? How long have you been with Toni&Guy Stratford?

    I have been working in the hairdressing industry for an impressive 29 years. I started working at TONI&GUY Stratford nearly 2 months after it had opened in September 2011. 

    We got some amazing feedback about you from some of your colleagues!

    “Vicky has a good relationship with all of her clients, most of which are quite regular. We would all describe Vicky as sociable, caring, hardworking and conscientious.”

    One of my career highlights would have to be cutting Kevin Keagan's hair!

    Vicky works every Sunday

  • pavlos-seniortechnician

    Technical Director

    Pavlos has worked for TONI&GUY for 4 years but has been involved in the hairdressing industry for around 7 years. His career highlight would be being a part of the TONI&GUY art team. Working during the Olympics and meeting a lot of athletes was a memorable time for him. Hairdressing is important to Pavlos because he likes “to create and make beautiful hair”

  • Stratford

    Senior Technician

    I have been working as a hairdresser for almost 6 years, 4 of them years I have spent at Toni & Guy Stratford. I have enjoyed all my time at the Stratford salon and will continue to do so.

    My favourite thing about the salon is the amazing team that I work with but also my regular clients are the best and make my experience at the salon amazing.

    Three words that people would describe me; Bubbly, warm and talented

  • Stratford


    I have been working for Toni&Guy for 6 years with many more to come. I was very proud to represent the salon at L'ORÉAL COLOUR TROPHY 2018. This has been an immense honour and something I wouldn't have been able to do without a fantastic team working by my side. I enjoy the challenges and journeys I go through with my clients, making sure they are always happy.

  • Stratford

    Style director

    I have been working at Toni & Guy for 8 years, it has been an amazing experience that I have enjoyed throughout. Its more than just a job for me it’s a way of living and the Stratford salon makes my job even easier.

    My favourite thing about the Stratford branch is that I can always count on the support of management and staff with everything, we are all like one big happy family.

    Three words that people would describe me; Perfectionist, caring and happy.

  • Stratford


    I have been working for Toni & Guy for almost a year now and I have gained so much experience and received so much guidance already.

    My favourite thing about the Stratford salon is the positive vibe I get from my colleagues, customers and the salon itself. I love being part of an amazing team that helps and encourages you to aim high and achieve the most.

    Three words that people would describe me; Hard working, enthusiastic and upbeat.

  • warda-stratford


    What made you choose Toni&Guy Stratford, and why do you love it so much?

    I have worked at this salon from a young age, and I knew exactly this was what I wanted. Everyone I work with are such an amazing contribution to the salon and are so incredibly supportive.

    I feel confident in knowing that I will be getting the best skillset and work ethic I can gain. I cant wait to become a Toni&Guy Stylist and excel in my career path!

  • Stratford


    I have been working at Toni & Guy for 3 years. I have enjoyed my time here it has been amazing and I look forward to enhancing my career as a hairdresser with the help of the team that I work with.

    My favourite thing about the Stratford branch is the fact that the staff and clients bring a positive atmosphere which makes the salon a joy to work in.

    Three words that people would describe me ; Optimistic, ambitious reliable

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