Olga roh founded rohmir in 2007, finding her forte in luxury fashion design. Hailed from russian nobility, with a vast experience in fashion and savoir-vivre, she has seamlessly established herself as a designer of ready-to-wear collections with a fierce injection of cosmopolitan glamour.

Olga Roh's background combines fashion and academia, following an established career in modelling, she studied at the Istituto Marangoni Master of Fashion Design in London and her unique aesthetic was honoured at the University of Bern, Switzerland and a Magne cum Laude. Olga Roh also holds a PhD to her extensive portfolio of achievements.

Olga Roh lives the epitome of a jet-set lifestyle, splitting her time between Hong Kong, London, Berlin, Zurich, Monte Carlo and Moscow, maintaining a studio in each and owns ROHMIR stores in 4 cities: London, Berlin, Zurich and Hong Kong. She personifies the saying 'brains behind the beauty' fusing her glamorous persona with an acute eye for business.


  • London Fashion Week SS20

  • London Fashion Week AW17

  • London Fashion Week SS16