The Backward Vendor


The Backward Vendor is a reflection on traditional leather techniques and methods that are not as widely used as they once were, often disregarded to the convenience of mass production. It is a reflection of cultural and traditional heritage, and a homage to traditional craft. The Backward Vendor handcraft leather homeware, garments, Goodyear Welted shoes, and bags; inspired by the traditional, the functional and the utilitarian. The Backward Vendor's design concept is firmly rooted in surroundings; people, daily life, nature and the environment. The Backward Vendor uses natural raw materials and neutral tones to emphasise this environmental consciousness.

Furthermore, our showroom and workshop space (based in Hackney), is made with the purpose and intention to further encourage and communicate the art of handcraft and leather crafting. Through our carefully curated workshops people can acquire their own knowledge and understanding of leather craft. With guidance and care, we would like to see people procure their own relationship and skills with the materials and tools, the processes and techniques, this can then be applied for their own particular needs and shared with others. We would also like to encourage communication between artisans, craftspeople, artists and creative people of all backgrounds, to stimulate a dialogue through collaboration and discussion, to share common interests, those such as sustainability, quality, prolongevity.


  • London Fashion Week AW21