If you’re looking for a career that takes you places,
where you can be what you want to be,
discover our TONI&GUY Apprenticeships

your passport to a great career

Our globally recognised qualification exceeds all industry standards and awards you the
Apprenticeship Diploma for Hair Professionals.

TONI&GUY are global pioneers in hair and fashion, responsible for changing the face of modern hairdressing. Through session work and shows we influence fashion worldwide as the most celebrated and award-winning British hair brand.

At TONI&GUY we care about building happy, engaged and creative teams. Our Salon Managers believe that the most important thing to you as an apprentice, is knowing you’re fully supported on an exceptional education path to be the best hairdresser you can be. You will work in a team of people who share the same values, who are trusted, who are treated well and who look after each other.

With Salons and Academies globally, our world class education produces the best hairdressers in the industry.

We offer you the ultimate in learning and the biggest global opportunity for you to develop and grow from a network of likeminded people. The chances of promotion are greater and there are many routes to take you to the next level on your career path whilst staying within the same company.

Work with the best and be educated by the best.

Become one of the industry’s most talented hairdressers with unlimited access to our specialist education programme.

Work in beautiful and creative salons in the best cities in the world.

Gain unique career opportunities throughout our global salon network,
with unlimited earning potential and great company benefits.

Travel the globe as a session stylist working on photoshoots and fashion shows collaborating
with emerging and leading fashion talent.

Enter global competitions and become a world-famous hairdresser.