For more than 50 years, our success and philosophy has been rooted firmly in education. Sharing our unique experience, to create innovative, globally renowned hairdressing education.

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  • Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck
    Global Creative Director

    'For over 50 years, our success and philosophy has been rooted firmly in education. Sharing our unique experience to create innovative, progressive and globally renowned hairdressing education for every stage of a hairdresser’s career. If you want to push your boundaries and learn hairdressing from the most prolific and established Artistic Team in the world, then let TONI&GUY be your guide.'

International Artistic Team

TONI&GUY’s finest, the International Artistic Team represents some of the best hairdressers in the business. Each year they teach over 100,000 hairdressers in shows and seminars around the world.

  • Cos Sakkas
    TONI&GUY International Artistic Director and Head of Education

    "What’s unique about TONI&GUY education is that our Artistic Team whose sole focus and passion is hairdressing education teaches all courses. All of our educators go through years of training and rigorous training to ensure that a highly skilled professional is teaching you. We are a salon-based company, so despite our obvious links with fashion we know how to make it relevant to you and your salon. We are constantly updating and redefining our course offering and teach hairdressers of every level, from the absolute beginner to advanced hairdressing skills like Avant Garde and Session hair. Our central London flagship Academy is a hub of creativity and we invite you to join us to share in our passion and experience."


If you want to push your creative boundaries let TONI&GUY be your guide. From the fundamentals through to creative expression we offer education at every level.


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With 20 Academies offering TONI&GUY’s educational programme worldwide, continuing your educational journey with TONI&GUY couldn’t be easier.

  • Whatever your style, whatever colour, the TONI&GUY Academy can create the perfect cut and colour for you – overseen by our expert International Artistic Team.

Business academy

The TONI&GUY Business Academy is a SFEDI (Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative) center of excellence, delivering courses that offer you a formal, recognised qualification.

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