Maximising happiness, and the ethos that beauty, health and knowledge can effect positive change are the guiding principles of Utilitarianism and at the heart of the Toni&Guy Connected campaign

Centring on three key motifs: practicality (a celebration of hair paired with the brand’s creative techniques) suitability (creating the perfect hair for clients’ individual needs) and diversity (celebrating clients’ individuality) they are reflective of the brand’s recognition that haircare can be immeasurably beneficial to our well-being. The new collection enhances looks that both embrace and complement individuals’ own colour, texture and personality. Let the following pages inspire you to breathe new life into your hair. Go on… you know it’s good for you.

Explore the cuts

  • Connected Utilitarian Nina

    Add dimension to a sports-luxe layered bob with deep, rich tones inspired by brown agate. Synonymous with health and well-being, the shimmering colour palette emulates the stone’s own glistening surface.

  • Connected Utilitarian Ronja

    90s minimalism was the guiding principle behind this effortless cut, while painter Brian Mashburn’s smoky cloudscapes provided inspiration for the iridescent colour story created to complement a natural Scandi blonde.

  • Connected Utilitarian Claudia

    Billie Jean King-inspired androgynous locks fall in love with a seductive colour palette of Titian reds. Subtle tonal differences are placed in the hair, enhancing natural shades and adding interest to glossy curls.

  • Connected Utilitarian Roxanda

    Laminated Jacaranda wood’s maroon and burgundy hues provided the catalyst for this sensual colour story. A balayage technique was wielded to craft harmonious light and dark tones throughout this shoulder-length bob, complementing the versatile cut’s face-flattering layers.

  • Connected Utilitarian Alfie

    Boyish charm pairs with rock insouciance in this grown-out style. Effortlessly cool, the cut’s natural movement enhances texture. While its soft shape benefits from a longer fringe, a bolder outline can create a stronger silhouette.

  • Connected Utilitarian Niamh

    Cool blondes can add intrigue with colour, emulating concrete and stone curves, created by architect Jadwiga Grabowska- Hawrylak. Deep shadows are painted in at the root and in key areas to intensify reflective elements of light and enhance the signature Toni&Guy layers on this mid-length silhouette.

  • Connected Utilitarian Anenya

    Enhance light and definition of natural textures with an all-over gloss. The soft, reflective quality keeps afro-textured hair looking healthy and sumptuous.

  • Connected Utilitarian Natasha

    Elevate mid-tones with a bespoke combination of micro highlights and freehand painting. The marriage of techniques pays homage to actress and Hollywood icon Lauren Hutton, adding shine and sophistication.

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