Braiding Masterclass

This is a two-day braiding experience where we take you through the understanding and the foundation of interlacing techniques. We will show you how they can be used in the salon, on the catwalk and how you can push your creativity to create a beautiful Avant Garde look with various braiding techniques.

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Course focus

Over the two days you will be watching two demonstrations on live models on each day and during the workshop you will be working on mannequin heads, as we find it more productive whilst practising the techniques.

The course will cover :

  • Body/hand and finger position while braiding
  • Texture preparation and correct product use to achieve the desired result
  • Braids : 3 Strand/Dutch, 4 Strand/Push Up, 5 Strand, Single Knot, Double Knot, Rope, Fishtail, F8, Triple F8, The Wick, Zipper and Basket Weave.


All levels who are interested in building confidence and developing and perfecting their braiding skills.

Duration & cost

2 Days

£550 + VAT

2024 Dates : London

  • April 22nd & 23rd

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“This course is for qualified hairdressers that they want to strengthen their braiding skills and build up their confidence in the salon and backstage. The workshops are tailored to your individual needs, while walking you through the step by step techniques.” EFI DAVIES International Artistic Director