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TONI&GUY’s finest, the International Artistic Team represents some of the best hairdressers in the business. Each year they teach over 100,000 hairdressers in shows and seminars around the world.

The internationally renowned TONI&GUY Artistic Team is made up of some of the best hairdressers in the business. They are also considered to be a driving force behind the global success of TONI&GUY, essensuals and label.m.

As a team who is extremely diverse, the company is proud to employ artists of every conceivable talent: from pioneering new cutting and colouring techniques to creating editorial and avant garde styles. Together they share their creative vision and talent with 100,000 hairdressers globally at shows and seminars each year.

In addition, they split their time between teaching at the flagship London Academy, creating the hair for editorial photoshoots and providing expert advice and guidance to the trade and consumer press. On top of all that, each year they bring TONI&GUY’s innovative hairdressing techniques to key fashion events including London Fashion Week, London Fashion Week Men's, London Fashion Week Festival and the British Fashion Awards.

As passionate ambassadors of British hairdressing, TONI&GUY’s unique educational approach is based on the philosophy of motivating and inspiring through the concept of teamwork. Aware of the ever-changing face of the industry, the team is constantly evolving ideas and trends to excite and stimulate. With an enthusiasm for education, these expert presenters possess a stage presence that delivers information with originality and energy.

The TONI&GUY Artistic Team has won numerous awards, including 67 British Hairdressing Award titles to date that include the recent wins for London Hairdresser of the Year - Philipp Haug, Newcomer of the Year - Gianluca Caruso, Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year - Sylvestre Finold and not forgetting Cos Sakkas' first nomination for British Hairdresser of the Year.

Meet the international team

  • Cos Sakkas

    Born in London to Greek-Cypriot parents, Head of Education, Cos has been with TONI&GUY for 26 years. This multi-award-winning Artistic Director came all the way up through the Academy system, so gets a real buzz from educating the next generation, giving them the same opportunities and experiences that he’s had. Fun fact: he once had a pet goat named Billy. 

  • Bill Watson

    From New Zealand’s sleepy capital to living 15-minutes from Tokyo’s famous Shibuya crossing - via London and later, Beijing - TONI&GUY’s Educational Director for China and the Southern Hemisphere has a truly global outlook. Growing up in a creative family, it was TOTP which drew him into hairdressing, and music, culture and film continue to be his three pillars of inspiration. 

  • Indira Schauwecker

    Switzerland-born International Artistic Director, Indira didn’t have a TV until she was 14 and hadn’t picked up a fashion magazine until she was 16, facts that help to explain her innate creative streak. Three-time winner of the Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year award, this polyglot loves nature, arts and crafts and divides her time between teaching and session styling. 

  • Efi Davies

    Born on the Greek cost, International Artistic Director Efi has been a Londoner for 22 years. Initially visiting the sister to see her sister, she went to four gigs in a week, became hooked and never left. She trained in the Mayfair salon where she met founder Toni Mascolo and was taken under his wing. Fun fact: Efi can sing a love song in Russian, because, well, you never know! 

  • Jo O’Neill

    Liverpudlian, Jo, who has a brown belt in Kung Fu, originally joined TONI&GUY simply because she wanted to work for the best. And 25 years later, the company’s Head of Technical Education can’t imagine working for anyone else. “It’s magnetic,” she says. “I love being surrounded by talented, creative, off-the-wall people that come from all walks of life.” 

  • Daniele De Angelis

    Originally from Rome, International Artistic Director Daniele’s latest look in the TONI&GUY collection was inspired by sand dunes that he saw when watching National Geographic. A self-confessed interior design nerd and property geek, it’s the same power of transformation that made him want to get into hairdressing. 

  • Philipp Haug

    Originally from Germany’s delicious sounding Black Forest, International Artistic Director Philipp cut his teeth at TONI&GUY Berlin, where he worked as a shampoo boy when he was 14. Winner of HJ’s London Hairdresser of the Year award, he has absolutely no orientation skills and loves his adoptive city so much because he ends up taking a different route to work every day. 

  • Francesco Fontana

    International Technical Artistic Director Francesco started his hairdressing career working in his mum’s salon in beautiful Turin, where he dreamt of working for TONI&GUY. A natural-born hairdresser, he’s inspired by the new stylists and technicians, and their different points of view. He can be found at TONI&GUY North Audley Street when he’s not teaching. 

  • Siobhan Golden

    A born and bred Londoner, International Technical Artistic Director Siobhan loves nothing more than creating a blonde. “I really love the precision and expertise involved in developing a look that’s always a head-turner.” she reveals. However, what you might not know is that Siobhan is also the brains behind the popular London Academy Instagram account. 

  • Jon Wilsdon

    Growing up working on a dairy farm in pretty Summerseat, Manchester’s International Artistic Director Jon would save up his pocket money to buy issues of Vogue, and fashion continues to be his main source of inspiration. As a hairdresser in his salon, he would go to Manchester for a night out and that’s when TONI&GUY’s windows drew his attention - he hasn’t looked back since. 

  • Sophie Springett

    Artistic Director Sophie got her start at TONI&GUY when she was 15 and working as a Saturday girl in East Grinstead. With a real knack for session styling and editorial, she takes inspiration from textile design, with Central Saint Martin’s graduate Derek Lawlor being a favourite. A fact that’s apparent when you see the intricacy of her incredible braiding work.

  • Silje Vincent

    When she’s not teaching at the London Academy, passing on the session and editorial skills that she’s picked up creating hair looks for the likes of Mary Katranzou, Artistic Director Silje can be found translating those techniques into styles for her clients at TONI&GUY Kensington salon. Both of which are a world away from the farm where she grew up in Stavanger, Norway. 

  • Charley Henery

    Originally from Surrey, Technical Artistic Director Charley used to want to be the tooth fairy when she was little. Inspired by her academy colleagues, she loves to craft creative colour looks, working with techniques like Balayage and interesting pastel or metallic shades. And if she wasn’t a colour technician for TONI&GUY, she would love to be a crime scene investigator. 

  • Davide Cirillo

    Inspired by fashion, art and nature, Technical Educator Davide is a good fan of the way that Van Gogh played around with contrasting colours, creating unexpected palettes that still worked well together. A Naples boy by birth, he is naturally laid-back and never gets stressed. “I never freak out and focus on finding a solution rather than the problem at hand” - he reveals! 

  • Grace Inzalaco

    Born in London to parents who had emigrated from the South of Italy, the impressive story of the Mascolo family really resonates with Artistic Director Grace. Having started her hairdressing career at a small salon in the east end of London, she did her vardering at the TONI&GUY Academy, where she now heads up the beginner’s course, finding inspiration from her teammates. 

  • Wayne McHugh

    Artistic Director Wayne grew up in Norfolk but now lives in Brighton, commuting into London to work. He’s been with TONI&GUY for 19 years and favours working with curly hair because it’s more of a challenge but, he’s says, “when you get get it right, you’ll keep a customer for life”. When he isn’t teaching at the Academy, he’s chopping lock at the Westfield London salon. 

  • Alessandro Gennusa

    Academy Education Alessandro is from fashion capital Milan and moved to London five years ago. Inspired by the world around him and conversations that he has, he likes to take ideas from different points of view. When he isn’t teaching, he’ll be in the Westfield London salon, preferably working on a creative, short ladies’ cut, as that gives him the room to experiment. 

  • Federico Patelli

    Known in the Academy as a ‘fake Italian’ because of having time-keeping skills that are more commonly associated with Italy’s northern neighbours, Educator Federico is originally from Bergamo and is descended from three generations of hairdressers. A huge football fan, 90s David Beckham is his ultimate style icon as he switched up his hair and look so often.

  • Dexter Johnson

    Artistic Director, Dexter, or ‘Dapper’ to his mates, initially got into hairdressing when his friends girlfriend suggested that he work for TONI&GUY because it would be a great way to combine his two loves: hair and fashion. Inspired by pop music from the 80s, 90s and 00s, to this day, S Club 7 continue to have the biggest influencer on this violin-playing South London lad. 

  • Elle Page

    Educator Elle has been part of the TONI&GUY tribe since she was 14 - she started off working as a Saturday girl in Colchester and has always wanted to teach. Inspired by film noir and period dramas, she cites Sophia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette as the main reason she got into hairdressing. A natural at editorial work, she eats Hula Hoops with a fork while she’s working. 

  • Eloise Williams

    Member of the Breakthrough Team Xtra 2019, Eloise might look like a girly girl but she acts like a tomboy. Refusing to attend Brownies as a child, she instead signed up for Boy Scouts because she wanted to run around in the mud rather than learn to knit. This Technical Educator finds inspiration all over London, particularly in Brick Lane’s graffiti and the colourful Sky Gardens. 

  • Fotis Sfetas

    Inspired by “f*uck-ups”, Athens boy Fotis will take a mistake and give it a twist to create something brand new. This philosophy fan (Socrates is his fave) and Academy Educator gets a buzz from seeing the change in his students’ eye when they get it. A big believer in energy he takes “forest baths” - hugging trees to allow the energy of the tree and nature to wash over him. 

  • Michela Bazzoli

    When Michela isn’t at the Academy, you can find her at London’s Long Acre salon, unless she’s travelling, because this Technical Educator has a serious case of wanderlust. Growing up in the Italian Alps, with Lake Garda nearby, she wanted to be a rock star. She moved to London eight years ago and takes inspiration from the city’s street-style scene. 

  • Sam Elliot

    Originally from Chester, Educator Sam can be found working at the Bedford Street salon in Covent Garden, when he isn’t teaching at the Academy. He used to be into Oasis and the Manchester scene but is currently listening to the Sex Pistols and a lot of punk, which means he’s creating longer, alternative cuts for men. Fun fact: Sam claims to be 6ft 3in but is, in fact, 6ft 2 1/2in. 

  • Sanja Mandusic

    Academy Educator Sanja first got into hairdressing when she was enlisted by friends (using a pair of nail scissors) to fix the bad haircuts that they received at their local salons. Born into a super sporty family in Croatia and naturally creative, she vowed that she would only become a hairdresser if it was for TONI&GUY and in London. Mission accomplished. 

  • Stuart Matuska

    Inspired by pretty much anything but hair, Technical Artistic Director Stuart looks to antiquity, nature, music and brutalist architecture to take creativity to the next level, push boundaries with colour, and, crucially, avoid copying. Born and bred in London, he did a lot of extra work as a child, appearing in the audience of Live & Kicking and in the film Purely Belter. 

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