First hand experience and advice from some of our most successful franchise salon owners.

  • Dict Koh & Connee Law
    Master Franchise, Singapore

    “TONI&GUY offers a fantastic franchise package with clear and consistent guidelines, the support of marketing materials, CRM systems and training. Furthermore, being part of the TONI&GUY family means being connected to the TONI&GUY philosophy of continual education through the Academy. It is important that as one of the industry leaders, we have access to a system of education that allows our staff to constantly grow and improve. This system ensures TONI&GUY is always relevant and competitive.”

  • Simon Steuer
    Franchisee TONI&GUY York

    “In 1992 I joined TONI&GUY as a Stylist. After progressing over the years up the career ladder, I eventually join the prestigious TONI&GUY International Artistic Team. I joined TONI&GUY because of its iconic imagery and the opportunities it could offer me in the hairdressing industry. In my time with the brand I have travelled the world, been a Stylist, Salon Manager, Head of the Academy and am now a Franchisee running my own TONI&GUY hairdressing salon. Some of my favourite times at TONI&GUY have included being part of the award winning Art Team when they won the Art Team of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards, as well as representing the brand across the globe and opening my salon in York in 1998.”

  • Carl McCaffrey
    Franchisee TONI&GUY Canary Wharf

    “I joined TONI&GUY in February 1994 because of the work that Anthony Mascolo and the TONI&GUY International Artistic Team were doing. I was excited by the education and the collections that they were releasing. Throughout my time at TONI&GUY I have been an Assistant, Stylist, Staff Trainer, Educator at the TONI&GUY London Academy and now I am the Franchisee of TONI&GUY Canary Wharf. My favourite part of working for TONI&GUY has been owning my own salon and helping to develop the next generation of hairdressers for a brand I love and have passionately worked with for over 20 years!”

  • Hidetoshi Saiga
    CEO TONI&GUY Japan and International Artistic Director

    “This is our 30th year owning a TONI&GUY franchise. Without the help of Toni and Sacha, great education and the strong brand image we would not be where we are today. The support we’ve received has been incredible from the first day we opened our salon in Tokyo in October 1985, and has helped us especially when experiencing challenging times. The education system is the best in the industry with the strong British structure and Italian passionate feeling. It’s made in London but works perfectly here in Japan. Every year we get the new collection, which gives continuous education to all of us and keeps our staff excited and our clients happy. TONI&GUY is the biggest and strongest hairdressing company in the world, linking fashion and hairdressing together. To be part of the family makes us feel very proud.”

  • Patrick Lagré
    Master Franchisee TONI&GUY France

    “As a franchisee since 1999, I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by TONI&GUY and the feeling of belonging, understanding and partnership. I greatly appreciate the commitment to making our business a success and the continued involvement. Toni and his team have given us a greater visibility in our daily operational challenges, allowing us to maintain a high level of service and adapt and improve to meet a rapidly changing market. I have relied on the TONI&GUY Academy team multiple times to teach, motivate and educate my peers and co-workers. The creative aspect of the TONI&GUY MEDIA, with the publicity and advertising support they provide, helps put us ahead of our competitors and upgrade the way we do our business with new ideas and solutions and proving greater visibility and brand awareness. It is a pleasure to work with TONI&GUY – a brand that is known all over the world for its innovative spirit, creativity, professionalism as well as being a role model for hairdressers worldwide aiming for a successful and professional salon.”

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