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Your World of Colour

Inspired by TONI&GUY’s iconic transient collection, HAIR at TONI&GUY is a creative evolution while keeping our signature philosophy of beauty, suitability and individuality of lifestyle.

Explore our six signature Colour Packages designed to elevate your colour experience to the next level and beyond.

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Services Martha Square

Luxe Lights

This signature blend technique offers a captivating fusion of lived-in and bold, golden hues.

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Services Kris Square

Chroma Glow

Indulge in the luxurious depth of Chroma Glow: a velvety ultra dark brown, designed to elevate your style.

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Services Kiju Square

Lumi Blush

Expertly placed highlights around the perimeter of your face to illuminate your natural features!

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Services Lera Square

Pure Blonde

A glacier-like blonde tone, meticulously crafted for a radiant result guaranteed to turn heads.

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Services Raven 2 Square

Satin Glaze

Healthy, lustrous, high-shine hair that catches the light as it bounces and never goes unnoticed.

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Services Fraser Square

Tailored Tones

Tailored Tones is a colour story that is written by you and your colourist to create a bespoke look.

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"The beauty of our new colour packages is there is a colour for everyone. It’s like looking at a paint shade chart for inspiration, and customising the shade with your colourist to be bespoke to you"
Jo O’Neill, TONI&GUY Head of Colour

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