The Trixie Cut


Drawing inspiration from the iconic Pixie, with a TONI&GUY twist, we introduce the Trixie. Inspired by the TONI&GUY Transient technique, this cheekbone-enhancing cut allows you to personalise your length to create your ultimate Trixie look. This lightweight, rebellious style allows for versatility – from dainty and delicate, to edgy and alternative.

FOR: All Hair Types
PERFECT FOR: Clients Ready To Make a Statement
IN 5 WORDS: Lightweight, Rebellious, Edgy-chic, Alternative, Empowering
MUSES: Linda Evangelista & Halle Berry
AS SEEN IN: VOGUE, Why a Radically Short Haircut Will Change Your Look
CHROMA GLOW: Check out the colour package for this look

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